What’s New in D365 Sales Co-Pilot3 min read

In October 2022, Microsoft unveiled Viva Sales, an AI-focused solution tailored to augment the efficiency of sales professionals in their tasks. Then, in March, the Microsoft team launched Microsoft 365 Co-Pilot. This summer brought news of a rebrand, introducing us to Microsoft Sales Co-Pilot – an integrated solution designed to assist sales teams seamlessly within Dynamics 365.

The Sales Co-Pilot is engineered to enhance seller productivity by enhancing AI-driven insights, tailored prompts, and workflows into Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. This synergy not only heightens customer engagement and expedites deal closures but also liaises with multiple CRM systems to simplify data management and emphasize effective selling.

Unlock Sales Productivity

Diving into the Sales Productivity update, the July release of Sales Co-Pilot now extends language support for email summaries to encompass French, Spanish, and German. 

Furthermore, it has ushered in qualitative upgrades, especially tailored treatments for concise emails. However, we strongly advocate trialing this in various languages and funneling feedback to Microsoft. This will ensure continuous improvement of this feature.

AI-Generated emails – Tones knob

Sellers can now fine-tune their emails with the “Tone Knob” feature, which lets them oscillate between formal and informal styles in the generated email suggestions. 

Plus, the revamped user interface design fosters a more intuitive experience, enabling sellers to aptly align their email tone with the client’s preferences, whether it leans towards being formal, amiable, or strictly professional.

Real-Time Tips in Teams Meeting Side Panel

Another intriguing feature is the real-time tips presented in the Teams meeting side panel. When a customer mentions, say, a rival company or brand, on-the-spot information cards are activated within the Sales Compiler panel. 

These cards empower sellers by equipping them with insights, enabling them to address any reservations, showcase expertise, and remain primed for meetings with extensive knowledge about competitors and brands. Interested users should note that this feature is currently in preview, and they can get access by completing the available form.

Server-Side Sync

Shifting our attention to server-side sync, this feature is emphasized in the latest release, particularly when saving emails or appointments to Dynamics 365. Microsoft underscores the imperative nature of activating server-side sync for Sales Co-Pilot, given its advantages:

  • Ensuring uniformity in save/unsave status visibility for all participants.
  • Facilitating the removal of saved emails from Dynamics 365 via Sales Co-Pilot.
  • Automated saving of responses in email threads already catalogued in CRM.


For Salesforce aficionados, here’s an update: When archiving an email in CRM, if the email content surpasses Salesforce’s character limit, the excess content is truncated. Consequently, a notification appears, alerting you of the truncation – a significant improvement over the erstwhile error messages.

Email Summaries

For those vested in email summaries, this release underscores its commitment to fostering transparency by embedding citations directly into AI-generated summaries. This fosters a culture of responsibility, openness, and accountability. 

The enhanced email summaries now come equipped with precise citations and insights, serving as a vital point of reference for users.

Suggested Email Content

On a related note, when crafting emails, sellers often grapple with creating fresh prompts, resulting in inconsistencies and inefficiencies. Addressing this, Sales Co-Pilot has introduced a feature allowing sellers to save, reuse, and discard their personalized prompts, streamlining their email communication.