Your business may be unique in its offering, but one thing is clear – these days everyone could use a little more time to focus on keeping it that way. Globalization is changing the face of competition and every decision you make needs to be strategic. If you’re held back by your business management solution, it’s frustrating if not potentially dangerous. Your Microsoft AX or NAV solution should be a source of operational leverage, used to help you manage things on the inside, but what if that’s not the case?

An outdated version, a project gone sideways or the need for a piece of customized functionality can make or break your fiscal year. Budgets are king these days with the shifts in global markets and the increased focus on providing more with less. We’re all trying to run a lean mean business machine, but being held back by system issues is a reality for a lot of us.

You could absolutely perform the work internally, but is that the most strategic move? OutSmart Team doesn’t believe so.
By diverting the attention of your resources back toward your company, you’re negatively impacting their ability to deliver on client promises – and that creates a slippery slope.


By using a high level outsourcing partner, you can take back control of your business, improve the way you run your operations and do more of the things that actually make you money. You can focus on the things that make you great, and leave the rest to us. With OutSmart Team, you get access to a group of over 50 professionals, born and bred in the Microsoft development world, who can save projects that have gone off side, provide you with the upgrades you so desperately need to perform or offer you the customizations you need to take your business to the next level. All of our projects are expertly scoped and designed by an experience Senior Technical Architect, which is just part of our overall commitment to quality. What’s more, we can do it all faster, cheaper and with less overhead than if you tried to do it yourself. Outsourcing is truly for everyone, including you if:
  • You’re looking to reduce costs
  • You want to save time
  • You want to increase output
  • You want a more flexible business
  • You lack the necessary skills in-house
  • You’re looking to mitigate your risks
  • You need to improve or increase compliance
So think strategically and ask yourself – should we be working harder, or working smarter? The answer is clear. Outsource with OutSmart Team. We are the partner you need.


  • Send us your upgrade project.
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  • Our Fixed Fee Upgrade will be completed On-Time and On-Budget as promised.