OutSmart Team has been Out Smart(ing) the competition since 2009.
We are fully certified NAV and AX Technical Solution Architects, Technical Project Managers and Developers available to you for short term and long term outsourcing commitments. As an added benefit, we offer you these resources at flexible rates and manage the administrative details, so you’re not sinking extra money into payroll and HR.
  • Need an additional resource or a team of developers to complete projects or upgrades, short term? OutSmart
  • Need a team of developers to complete multiple projects or upgrades, long term? OutSmart
  • Need a team of developers to work with you to “save” a project that has had difficulties? OutSmart
  • Need Technical Solution Architects? OutSmart
  • Need to Design, Develop and Support an ISV Solution? OutSmart
  • We employ over 50 professionals that have worked for Microsoft directly in development roles, and have extensive application knowledge, from version 1 until now.
The verdict is in – you can’t outperform OutSmart


Have you ever asked yourself why other IT outsourcing companies fail to offer services like fixed fee upgrades? It’s because despite their claim to be experts, they lack the fundamental bench strength and experience required to make such a bold promise. A fixed-fee engagement is not available from everyone, because they simply don’t have what it takes to offer it. At OutSmart Team, we are so proficient and experienced that we don’t hesitate to provide fixed-fee engagements. It’s not a risk to us!

To truly be expert developers, we have to know exactly what it takes to accomplish your goals, and to share in the risk and rewards of getting it right the first time.


You’re in business to be the best, and winning out over the competition means making smarter, more beneficial operational decisions. It’s not just about what you’re selling; it’s about how you’re managing things on the inside. Your business demands clarity from all aspects and the careful control that comes from maturity in development. It demands you have access to real experts who know what you need and won’t distract you from doing your job. We work with Fortune 500 companies all over the United States because they know that to be the best, you must employ the best.