No more copying, pasting or exporting. Introducing Jet Reports.4 min read

When you decide on an ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics 365, you do so for reasons – to optimize resources and streamline processes that reduce costs, improve revenue, and mitigate risks. Your executives and management team demand quick visibility over numbers and information to make decisions every day. 

And simple solutions like export-copy-paste the data into your excel file does not work anymore for both you and your team. Couple reasons:

  • The manual export-copy-paste process is not only time-intensive but leads to a human error, which eventually can grow in a much colossal issue;
  • Report customization requires an experienced developer on hand to design and customize flexible report formatting. Spending over $200/hour and up to 20 hours per report does not sound cheap;
  • When it comes down to sensitive data (e.g., finances), you don’t want to rely on uncontrolled spreadsheets and manual calculations. Your management wants quality and accurate reports. And they want them now.

So how can you cut reporting time and cost, eliminate errors, and decrease risk?

Without messing with the standard out-of-the-box reports, which require a very experienced developer to design and customize, you can utilize external reporting and spreadsheet tools with live data from your Dynamics ERP system. Dear reader, I’d like to introduce to you Jet Reports.

What’s in the box?

Jet Reports and Jet Analytics expands your reporting & analytics opportunities, providing you with versatility to build any report you want right inside of Excel. While several solutions are currently on the market, Microsoft has chosen Jet as the approved platform. 

Just drag and drop data (no more export-copy-paste) from a table to build a custom report that can be refreshed in real-time with a click of a button. You can access, share, and organize your reports to get accurate answers anytime and anywhere.

The process of transferring data to a custom report is now simplified to one easy step: you can drag the data from a table and a real-time refreshable report will be created. The report is easily altered and can be accessed and organized whenever and wherever you want.

Example by

Jet Budgets

Jet Budgets is a cloud-based solution for controlling the budget creation and fiscal planning process. It allows you to improve collaboration, accuracy, and save time.

It was designed for SMBs that use Dynamics products to improve the budgeting process and help with managing multiple spreadsheets that can be messy.

The feature extends your opportunities with Jet products and allows you to not only analyze data by creating custom and on-demand reports but also gives the flexibility to reassess and adjust budgets to meet changing fiscal needs.

*Sales forecast to actual in calendar format.
Example by



Jet helps to drastically decrease reporting costs as a part of your ERP investment. Many of the reports you need are already in the package.

Reduce Errors and Minimize Risk

Copying and pasting the data into Excel to get the report you need isn’t just time-consuming, it’s error-prone. Jet is an extension of Excel and helps to omit the export-copy-paste step.


Jet consists of many reports that are already in the package, so you don’t have to buy additional ones.

Error and Risk-free

Since the export-copy-paste step is avoided due to Jet being an Excel extension, risks and errors are lessened.


You don’t need a developer to build a custom report. Create, customize, produce numbers easily. Valuable, actionable reports are only a click away.

Jet Hub

Share with anyone within your organization. Jet Hub allows business users access to their business reports using virtually any device through a simple web interface.


More than 11k companies rely on Jet every day to fulfill financial reporting needs.

Final thought

Stop wasting money on Excel custom development each time you need to adjust your reporting or fiscal needs and consider switching to Jet products. You will see almost immediate ROI as soon as Jet is implemented. Not to mention your team will be supercharged by easy-to-create and easy-to-adjust reports to provide you with error-free data and statistics which shall have a positive impact on your business. 

OutSmart Team understands how painful amendments to the business operations structure may be. We take the hassle out planning, designing and implementing seamless Jet Reporting solutions to achieve desired goals. Want to hear how? Send us a note and we will get back to you!