Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare | Patient Outreach2 min read

The patient engagement solution focuses on the enhanced patient engagement priority scenario by creating personalized communication based on patient insights. It is a patient management app that helps organize and automate marketing and outreach to patients, enabling healthcare providers to communicate with their communities and patients in a targeted, efficient way.

Providers are able to use their choice of email, SMS, regular mail,  or competition to provide healthcare information to specific groups of patients and community members. The patient outreach app also provides templates that leverage industry standards for patient segmentation and campaign management, helping you to reach your audience with specific conditions in a more targeted manner.

The key capabilities of patient outreach include:

  1. Patient segmentation – out-of-the-box patient segments based on industry standards to supercharge healthcare organizations with patient cohorts;
  2. Patient engagement campaigns – the ability to create email campaigns advantaging patient segments;
  3. Event management – comprehensive management for event administration and registration.

Long story short – the patient outreach app enhances Dynamics 365 marketing with its healthcare-specific capabilities as part of the Microsoft Cloud for healthcare.

Why use Patient Engagement?

Shedding light on the solution’s capabilities maybe not be enough to start using it, so let’s have a look at some common scenarios as a showcase.

Scenario 1

As a patient engagement manager, you want an automated process to identify patients who often miss appointments, and inform them of Virtual Assist options so that you can improve access for those patients.

Using the dynamic segmentation capability you can automatically identify the patients that often miss an appointment. This can be used in recording a journey that will automatically e-mail virtual visits and sign-up information to patients.

Then, patient engagement will track patient interaction with these emails increasing your patient care as well as providing insight as to how successful these notifications are.

Scenario 2

As a patient event manager, you want to organize a healthcare event and automatically inform patients who are most suitable to attend so that I can improve patients’ awareness of their conditions and the best ways to treat it.

Patient engagement assists the event manager in setting up and organizing the event, including session planning, venues, speakers/teams, website, and even budgeting for the event. 

Segmentation can then be used to define the right audience empowering journeys to inform patients of the event as well as sending them reminders leading up to the event.

Finally, patient engagement will automatically track engagement with the emails as well as interactions with the event site leading up to the event. As a result, you will be able to see the registrations for the event as well as waiting lists, tracking attendance of the event.

Not only will you improve patient care but also insights into event planning and execution to debrief the event teams and improve execution going forward.