Finance and Operations: Platform Updates for Version 10.0.312 min read

If you’re in the world of finance and operations, then you’ll be excited to hear about the latest platform updates for version 10.0.31! There are some great new features to help streamline your workflow and make your life easier.

Data management

Let’s begin with the topic of data management. Microsoft Dataverse now offers a novel change-tracking option, enabling incremental data synchronization. This revolutionary feature is vital for several other features, such as Data archival, Synapse integration, Mobile offline, and Relevance search. The ultimate objective is to consolidate all current finance and operations data synchronization frameworks into a single one based on Dataverse synchronization services.

Power platform

Let’s move on to the Power platform. Thanks to the newly added change tracking option, Microsoft Dataverse can now support incremental data synchronization. This feature is vital for the smooth functioning of other features, including Data archival, Synapse integration, Mobile offline, and Relevance search.

System Administration

Let’s talk about the recent upgrades to System Administration. Cross-company data sharing now enables you to share company-specific master, reference, and setup data across companies in your finance and operations deployment. There are two data-sharing concepts available: Duplicate record sharing (DRS) and Master company sharing (SRS), which is currently in preview.

Additional Languages

Furthermore, four new languages are now available for users to choose from in the preferred language list: Korean, Portuguese (Portugal), Vietnamese, and Chinese (Traditional). To access this option, navigate to User options > Preferences > Language and country/region preference.

Removed and Deprecated Platform Features

Lastly, the Removed or deprecated platform features topic lists all features that have been removed or are planned for removal in platform updates. A removed feature is no longer available, while a deprecated feature isn’t in active development and may be removed in a future update. 

The topic will have a deprecation notice 12 months before the removal of any feature from the product. The deprecation time will be less than 12 months for breaking changes that only affect compilation time.