Discover D365 mobile workspaces to manipulate your data on the move.5 min read

With D365 going cloud and on-premises, the question has arisen whether Dynamics 365 is compatible and seamless with mobile application development. So if you were looking for a way to manipulate your data on the go, mobile application framework of Dynamics 365 lets you do just that.

D365 uses the capabilities of modern mobile devices, e.g., camera, payments, GPS, and others. Which, in the end, allows you to develop advanced mobile apps to run business processes from a mobile device in full swing.

In case you are still using Dynamics AX, it’s about time to consider a switch to Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. D365 mobile application is just better than Dynamics AX’s one.

Have a look at “To be or not to be… Upgrade to D365” eye-opening article to learn more about why you should have moved to D365 yesterday already. 

So, let’s have a closer look at Microsoft Dynamics 365 mobile app development, shall we?

4 Whopping benefits you get with a mobile app 

View, edit and act offline.

Users can use their mobile applications, even being offline. As soon as the network has been re-established – all the data will be automatically synchronized and updated with your ERP system.

Be offline, get more freedom.

The business logic extensibility framework helps developers to optimize offline capabilities. 

Publish seamlessly.

Developed workspaces can be built and published without re-implementation and validation procedures. The application utilizes your current code benefits to go live flawlessly.

Pain-free design process.

Mobile app’s workspaces are easily designed through an adaptable work area.

Simple customization.

It takes only a couple of clicks to create an eye-pleasing workspace for a mobile app.

Available workspaces for use with Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Company Directory

The workspace allows you and your teammates to search and view contact info for employees; view a list of employees, and contact an employee from the profile description.

My team

Are you KPI driven? Great. “My team” workspace lets you and your team view manager’s reports and extended reporting team and to send praise to anyone in the extended reporting team. Not to mention the ability to view information for each team member like birth date, performance, compensation, seniority, etc.

Invoice Approval

Great for accounts of payable clerks and managers to view invoices that have been assigned to them within a workflow. The workspace helps teams to move the invoice through the workflow process right from the phone.

Validation of Invoice

The invoice can now be sent and moved through the workstream right from your phone and is simply accessible for clerks and managers.

Expense Management

The workspace is excellent for organizations that require a copy of a receipt being attached to a business/travel-related expense report, which an employee submits for payment.

Create a new expense line or capture a photo of a receipt on your mobile device to attach it to an expense report later.

Calculation of Costs

The workstream works perfectly with receipts. A receipt can be simply added as a photo to an expense report. Making a new expense line is also possible.

Purchase Order Approval

It allows you to view purchase orders that are assigned to you and your team members using your mobile. Complete, Return, Request a change, or Delegate the order as soon as you have viewed one. 

Project Time Entry

Great workspace if you want to have the finger on the pulse in regards to time spent on a specific task. Users can seamlessly enter time spent on a particular category, activity, and date; perform time recording of internal and external comments; record the time as billable or non-billable for the project.

Cost Controlling

Cost Controlling lets instantly view cost centers’ performance comparing actual costs against the budgeted expenses. With the workspaces users can:

  • do actions (e.g., select configuration to select a layout; select cost object to select cost centers to filter the data); 
  • views (e.g., view actual data on the cards comparing it to budget); and 
  • Links (e.g., details for the previous period).

Cost Centers’ performance is now visualized, the actual price can be contrasted with the budget costs. The workspaces can be used to:

  • visualize and compare (e.g. actual data);
  • make changes, move, replace, filter data;
  • add references and links for material

Inventory on-hand

It does not matter whether you are in sales, manufacturing, purchasing, management on any other roles. Inventory on-hand workspace gives you visibility of reserved and available inventory over your entire organization.

Having this data in your phone unleashes various features like product search, product information instant view, inventory per site/location/batch, and many others!

Sales Orders

The workspace provides you and your team with an opportunity to view and respond to purchase orders across the organization. You can even connect workflows to change the status of the order until the case is resolved.

Vendor Collaboration

The collaborative approach unites people across teams, and everyone knows that. The workspace extends collaboration between vendors, letting them stay up to date about purchase orders that have been sent to them for approval. 

They can also view info about new/updated purchase orders and contacts. So now, in case a vendor is on vacation, but you need him – the one can log in through the mobile app to help give a helping hand.

Asset Management

The workspace provides you and your team with an opportunity to view and respond to purchase orders across the organization. You can even connect workflows to change the status of the order until the case is resolved.