D365: Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability Checklist for Success2 min read

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the key areas of focus when implementing MC4S. This guide is divided into a prerequisite checklist and a configuration checklist to streamline your implementation process. The aim is to front-load critical decisions and discussions to prevent delays and rework later on:

  • Guiding MC4S users on the preliminary details they need to collate before beginning the implementation.
  • Minimizing project setbacks and potential rework by ensuring all necessary prerequisites are in place.

Prerequisite Checklist

Start Simple and with Focus

While MC4S offers a myriad of metrics, from carbon to water, it’s crucial not to get bogged down by the wealth of options. Concentrate on immediate and long-term goals, while also monitoring progress through key milestones.

Start with WHY?

Before delving into MC4S, understand why your business needs it. Many industries are rapidly adopting sustainable practices to meet regulations. Identify the immediate sustainability impacts relevant to your business and focus on deliverables that can make a difference in the short term.

With all the different materials you can estimate all the different ways you can track. You really need to focus on what is the most impact right away for your business. What can you deliver in six months that is going to make the most impact.

Setting Expectations

Think of your business as a unique mechanism requiring specific batteries (data and goals) to function optimally. While Microsoft endeavors to provide a seamless implementation experience, remember that tutorials and trials serve as mere introductions tailored to specific industries. Every enterprise is distinctive, and while there are guidelines, achieving sustainability goals requires a tailored approach.

Prework Expectations

Understanding the Process: Setting up Microsoft Sustainability Manager entails defining your organization, importing its data, setting up calculations, formulating goals, and generating reports.

Assessing the Effort: The discovery phase can vary, spanning from 2-4 months, based on your company’s size and its familiarity with sustainability benchmarks.

Assembling the Team: Assemble a diverse team including facility managers, IT professionals, departmental heads, and others.

Adhering to Steps: While there’s flexibility in the order of steps, following the recommended sequence ensures data accuracy and optimal outcomes.

Configuration Checklist for Success

Will you be importing data from external sources? If yes, specify the frequency and volume.

Are third-party tools being employed for data ingestion? If so, list any third-party connectors.

Do you have plans to write back data from Dataverse to source systems?

What integrations with other apps or data sources are you contemplating with Cloud for Sustainability?

Have you assessed the implications of daily transactions on API entitlements, Dataverse Storage, Power Automate entitlements, and Azure consumption?

Paying meticulous attention to these questions will pave the way for a seamless MC4S implementation.