Asset Management Mobile App in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management2 min read

Today’s topic is a review of the asset management mobile app in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. The deprecated mobile app will be discussed, as well as an overview of the new mobile app that is replacing it. We will cover what features are available in the new app and how to use them.

Deprecated Mobile App

The Dynamics 365 mobile platform (as well as related mobile workspaces) have been deprecated last June. That includes the asset management workspace. If you are currently utilizing this functionality – you will be able to continue to do so until wave 2 next year, which is the October 2024 release. This then will follow the standard one-year deprecation notice time frame.

The recommendation moving forward for all mobile apps is that they should be built-in power apps using the power platform virtual tables capabilities to access the Dynamics 365 data. This is how the new asset management mobile app was architected.

New Mobile App Overview

The new asset management mobile app has been built in Power Apps and supports the most common platforms, such as Android, iOS, and Windows, as well as the most common devices and form factors. This mobile app will help workers with maintenance on machines and equipment installed.

It replaces the deprecated D365 workspace-based app from earlier.

Features Enabled in the New Mobile App

Create Maintenance Requests

In the asset management mobile app, the workers will have the ability to create maintenance requests proactively. This workflow has multiple capabilities such as ‘to submit maintenance requests’ from the app. Since it is directly connected to Dynamics 365 the request will be reflected right in there.

Users can search by the asset or functional location they may want to create a maintenance request for search, which will be done across all legal entities where the user security role is granted access in supply chain management.

Users can use the scanning feature to scan barcodes or QR codes of the asset of functional location ID. It also gives the worker the capability of documenting details in the maintenance requests.

Users can also take pictures that they may want or need to attach to the maintenance request to have more complete information.

Workers will be able to update the service level and maintenance request type.

Manage Work Orders

The other workload in the asset management mobile app is ‘manage work orders’, which encompasses the following capabilities:

  • Ability to search, filter, and sort work orders that are assigned to them;
  • Record the progress; track labor, materials, and service;
  • Change the state of the work orders and process existing ones from the app;
  • Update checklist items that are being consumed for each job;
  • Update asset counters through measurement-type checklist items;
  • Update the time spent and material consumed while working on the job, as well as the view, and add any additional information to some notes.