Get your data from old system to AX with ease. (MIT can use different sources of data to import to AX – Excel files with corresponding to schemas structure; CSV files; direct connection to SQL data base; use of automatically generated web services to push data to AX)

Easy update of mapping to accommodate custom developed fields and data changes (Quickly add new fields to existing schemas with help of wizard)

Quick creation of new data mappings without any line of code (Use flexibility of schema definition and generation from AX form to get new entities)

Use power of AX open data structure to build new mapping schemas (MIT provides possibility to use relations defined from AOT to build mappings)

Use high speed data load to migrate your data.

Make cleansing and review of data before it gets to AX.


Addresses = 2 Million records = 3 hours

ZipCodes = 1.5 Million records = 15 minutes

Integrate with other systems through files or web services based on the same mapping schema.

Do daily uploads of data from any third party (vendor, customer, bank, warehouse management etc.) with help of MIT.

Get the solution used on dozens of successful data migrations.

Parallel processing to get upload only dependent of your hardware possibility.

Maintain data consistency for AX – your data checked for all AX business rules before it gets to target entity.

Extended logging and issue description makes troubleshooting easy.

Possibility of partial data updates with use of templates.