Rent a Resource


Change is constant in the world of business, and that can be hard to manage. With too few resources on staff, you risk missing client deadlines and damaging the relationship. With too many resources sitting on the bench, you risk low utilization rates and poor revenue performance. Both options carry their own risks, and neither is the smart way to run your business.

Get Smart with OutSmart

With OutSmart Team’s Rent-A-Resource, you can scale your team dynamically, always meeting the needs of your business today.

We offer highly skilled resources, that work for you, the way you need them to, but who remain on our payroll. We provide the selected resource, and you pay us. We take care of the rest. That not only solves your staffing challenges but also reduces your overall cost and risk because you’re not dealing with the administrative and human resources overhead for these employees.

What You Want, How You Want

We can offer you certified technical resources on short or long term contracts to help augment your team, salvage a project or perform internal maintenance – saving your internal resources for billable work.

Our contracts run up to 24 months and provide you with a dedicated resource who works as your employee for the entire term. You control their schedule, you designate their tasks, and you reap the rewards.

You won’t find a better solution to your technical staffing issues than OutSmart Team.